Halloween: the review

Yesterday morning, the Abeona kids trick-or-treated down Oak Street — which was great. Shopkeepers, almost all in fantastic costume (note: if you aren’t wearing a costume in New Orleans on Halloween, no matter who you are or what you do, you are the one who looks out of place). Many of the shopkeepers went ALL OUT with the kids’ gift bags: soaps from The Livin’ Oak, paintable puzzles from one of the home-goods stores, free gelato for everyone from Pazzo, even cool color-changing cups from a Chiropractor’s office! Plus, of course, edible treats. The kids had a great time (parents, too!)

Below are some moments of Will during his Oak Street Trick-or-Treat…

We went to a Halloween party for about an hour as the sun set and then came home to trick-or-treat. There were many more kids out this year (much more than in previous years) and we went around to where neighbors were gathered on common porches having parties. (Paul and I refused the parental offerings of frosty beverages along the way.) The kids came back with plenty of loot — even with Kate giving back a piece a candy at every house. (They’d give her something, she’d give them something — and insist they keep it. Since at least half of the givings were chocolate pieces smooshed in the wrapper by her hot little hand, we didn’t consider it much of a loss and she’s cute enough to get away with it.)

Kate did well last night and even slept for most of the night. We think that her cold turned into a mild case of croup somewhere in the last day or so. She still has the barking cough, but it is more a nighttime thing than a daytime one and her energy is back. No fever since yesterday morning… so she’s back to school today. (Thank goodness!)

UPDATE: Emmy has some school pictures up!