Elmo in New Orleans

We found out that Elmo was in town over dinner with friends on Friday night, a few hours before my parents arrived to spend a weekend with us (read: see the kids). Based on that information, our weekend should be pretty obvious. We saw Elmo — LIVE.
Kate spent 95% of the pre-show, show, intermission, second act, and walk to the car in my Dad’s lap. She’s eating a hot dog above as he whistles in her ear. (Aunt Emily: I wanted to point out Kate’s tights just especially for you.)
Kate was pretty jazzed up. We heard the word “Elmo” a lot.
Eventually, the Little Red Menace came out. I was disappointed that the show has no actual real Sesame Street people. Gordon (who, like Oscar, we refer to as “Chrome Dome”) was in town for Boo at the Zoo and we thought maybe he was with the show — so that was a little of a bummer, die hard ‘Street people that we are.
But the show was still quite good (better than The Wiggles, according to my parents) and the kids LOVED it.
Yup. Granna and PapPap bought the kids an Elmo balloon to share… at least for a little while before it untied from Granna’s purse and flew to join a few others at the arena ceiling (which is much higher than it looks).

Here is everybody (the empty seat is mine.) We played musical chairs throughout so that we all could be near the kids. Will sat on my lap for major portions of the show.
In the end, Will told us he liked “Jenny” (the “person” in the show) and he liked Cookie Monster. He also said that we should make an Elmo pumpkin for Kate.