Morning in Mandeville

We rolled out to Mandeville bright and early this morning. Paul had some stuff to do “on the north shore” and we decided to make a family outing. The kids and I found the park on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain and played while Paul finished up the job. We were home by 11am.

The most exciting part was crossing the World’s Longest Bridge. The spring punch was in my pocket, just in case. But it actually wasn’t as frightening as I thought it would be… maybe I’m mellowing?

My kids seriously need a haircut. Can’t get away with growing it out with their straight locks. Poor Kate is going to need a seeing-eye dog if we don’t act soon.

Beautiful morning — calm water — and lots of fish. I demonstrated the Bert-and-Ernie approved fishing method and made Will’s day (not to mention surprise myself) when a big fish leapt out of the water (the method involves calling “heeeerreeee, fishy fishy fishy!“) Apparently, it works… the fish kept jumping! Will was THRILLED.