On the fence

It’s the eve before our election and I’m trying to make final voting decisions, something I’ve been putting off for weeks. There’s the no-brainer choices (Abramson, Quinn, Landrieu) and then the rest… a sea of repeats, recycles, and at least one completely ridiculous. The most depressing is the race for Governor. Have you seen these guys? They’re like the weird uncles you try to avoid at family gatherings. I’m trying to decide between Campbell (wet noodle) and Boasso (ole’ St. Bernard blow-hard) — I’ve just seen way too much skin on Georges to ever consider him a true candidate (his politics are so awful I don’t even want to go there), and Jindal? Puhleeze. I’d vote for Satan himself before even thinking of casting a ballot for Jindal (not that it would matter, as they are essentially the same).

I’m surprised at some of the difficulty of finding information on the candidates. The League of Women Voters has been the most useful resource. Every time I have to google a candidate to find out about them, my desire to vote for them goes down… this should be easier. It is also interesting that my “sample ballet” given by the Sec of State gives incorrect information regarding the candidates in our precinct (we noticed this last time, too).

One of the interesting options involves the spot for Councilmember-at-Large. Virginia Boulet, who I’m loved in the 2006 race for Mayor, is a candidate. After she was out of the running for Mayor, she endorsed Nagin (*shutter*) and took a position in his cabinet. And then disappeared. I’ve heard that she became disenchanted with the Mayor (duh!) and stepped out in protest, but still, it gives concern. That said, voting for her was the happiest ballot I’ve ever cast. The other candidate (at least, that I am considering) seems nice and honest (although vague), but I kinda want to give Boulet another shot. Maybe it’s my soft spot for RPCV’s.

Still, I am thrilled with the prospects of change and so excited to be in a place where people really are thinking about local elections. Even if the candidates aren’t so exciting, the time and place definitely are.