Botch-a me, I botch-a you, and ev’rything goes crazy

The scene: me reading a bedtime story to Will, us lying together on his bed. Paul enters with Kate, who is hanging upside in his arms and shouting “MAMA” and something that sounds a lot like “COWABUNGA” over and over again. He puts Kate down on the bed, where she throws herself on top of me in a loud grunt.

“Someone demanded YOU,” he explains. I understand his position. Who is he to argue with her? He is mortal, after all.

Meanwhile, Kate has grabbed my shirt, pulled it up, and planted The Mother of All Zerbers directly on my belly. She looks up at us all and laughs.

I turn to Will. “Will, I think Daddy needs to finish your story. It seems Baby Kate needs me for a few minutes.”

Will (in a voice of experience): “I know. Because Katey is a Wild Animal.”