Hot off the Presses!

The August issue of The Trumpet, a local publication by the NOLA Neighborhoods Partnership Network, features the story of Abeona House in it’s “New Orleans Success Stories” issue. The article describes the school, its philosophy, and integration into the Oak Street community. It was written by three Abeona parents (yours truly included in that triumvirate) with my photographs sprinkled throughout. These include the photo on the cover (seen at left), which I took of the kids peeking in to Oak Street Cafe to see Charlie Farmer at the piano.

While you can read the article in text directly online, I strongly recommend opening the PDF of the issue (which, in its entirety is a very good read). Reading within the PDF shows the pictures, and the pictures compliment the stories in the article. (Plus, there is a very cute picture of Will and his bald Daddy.) The story starts on Page 7.

Please take some time and read about Abeona House, Oak Street, and the amazing synergy found in their combination. And then, check out the Abeona House website, which is now equipped to directly take your 501c3 tax-deductible donation through a safe and secure online process. Put a little note with your donation if you’d like to earmark some funds to subsidize a trip to Miss Norma’s for a Snoball.