I’ve been griping on and off about the incredible WAIT we’ve had with Abeona’s 501c3, a process 1.5 years in the making. This morning, Emmy faxed a request to expedite our application, just one of the many, many, many efforts regularly made to help push our forms along. Someone at the IRS must have actually been awake this morning, because at 3:00 this afternoon, Emmy received the news… not only had our application been expedited: it was APPROVED!!


That means that all you folks out there who have been WAITING for that tax write-off for your donation (that is why you haven’t donated yet, right?) don’t have to wait any longer!!

(And to those beautiful, generous friends of mine who donated earlier this year… THANK YOU AGAIN and know that your donations are now, officially, tax deductible!)

Learn more about Abeona’s unique history and powerful story on the school website. Read here to learn about how Paul and I became involved.

If you’re looking for other ways to help, Abeona House has a list of needed everyday school items (e.g. paper products, art supplies) and specialty goods (e.g. multi-baby stroller to take the little ones and special needs children on Abeona’s regular community field trips) as well as labor needs (e.g. help with grass cutting, landscaping). Even if you don’t live nearby, consider sponsoring a fund raiser for Abeona House in your community. Please contact me or the school for more information.