Weekend Redux

Saturday: Lakeside Mall for errands. Realized that we really don’t go to the Mall very often when Will asked what “MALL” meant. After the mall, we took Mom to late lunch at Marina Grill as a belated Mom’s Day treat. Then we took the kids to the Amusement area at City Park, where a parent got up in Will’s face (with no cause), causing an attendant to make him go to the back of the line, and me to morph into Momma Bear. Rather than cause a scene, I took Will away (okay… I caused a little scene) and followed up with management. The attendant apologized and we got several tickets back as compensation.

Sunday: The kids and I went to the Zoo for a playdate with Ana and Elliot. In that beautiful way of New Orleans, we ran into about half of Abeona House and hung out with Gabby and Alex, too. Multiple adults and enough kids to entertain each other… complete win-win. The kids had a BLAST running up and down Monkey Hill… Emmy became the waterfall climber (read: watchful parent) with them and suffered a back injury as a result. Despite the pain, she was able to come to my rescue when Will had a tough time leaving the ‘falls, making a great learning moment for me and helping me when I was running out of tricks. My Mom enjoyed a quiet morning, which included scrubbing my pots cleaner than they have ever been and washing every piece of clothing, linen, cloth, and cotton in the house. Have I mentioned how great it is to have a Mom in the house?

Monday: Morning. My Mom admits that school is a fantastic thing; much better than staying at home. I feel validated. And tired. We take the kids to the Aquarium, after finding the Children’s Museum Closed. Late afternoon trip to Target, where Will snatches a Lighting McQueen bubble bath off a shelf (despite knowing better) and I get frustrated when my Mom wants to get it for him. End story: I take it away, let him cry, explaining that I have to do it so that he doesn’t grow up to be a self-entitled jerk. We have a longer talk later about store etiquette and how we ask for things.

The weekend’s biggest shocker: I could not WAIT for this three-day weekend to END!