Kids Update

Kate is:
– 9 months, 17 days
– saying “ma-ma” “da-da” “uh-oh” and “bye-bye”
– waving “bye-bye”
– signing “more” (related to more food)
– taking unassisted steps, but still crawling to move around
– still only eating with one tooth… we think
– drinking out of a sippy cup
– obsessed with her big brother

Will is:
– 3 years, 3 months
– recognizing letters and relating them to the names of his friends (i.e.: “N” is for Nicco, “A” is for Ana)
– writing “W” for Will (he actually writes his full name, but it looks more like a long string of connected W’s than W-I-L-L)
– potty trained (occassional accidents, usually related to acting out)
– skin and bones… down about 2-3 pounds from his bought with stomach flu
– making up his own songs to sing each night before bed