Carnival Week 2007: Sunday

We finally got home and to sleep in the wee hours of Sunday morning. A few hours later, we awoke to Will’s cheery morning voice brightly calling out, “Mommy! Daddy! It’s a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!” And so began our Mardi Gras Sunday.

Adrenaline must have still been going from the night before, because we got up and started preparing for Thoth. We weren’t sure who would show up at our door (because we’re right on the route, we announced our house as a home base with breakfast food and clean bathrooms. In years past, the neighborhood has had a block party with live music, food, and dancing.) We had picked up quiche and fruit from Whole Foods the day before and were ready for guests, should they arrive. Some friends did come by, but there wasn’t a lot of time to do more than grab a bite to eat and walk to Magazine to set up the kids’ ladders. This year, the whole street seemed tired; apparently we weren’t the only ones feeling a bit long in the tooth!

The extra excitement about this year’s Thoth parade was that my parents, in town for the Extravaganza the night before, agreed to come over for the morning and see the parade with us. Paul and I have spent the better part of 3 years trying to convince them of the secret truth of Mardi Gras that outsiders don’t seem to get: it’s a FAMILY holiday! After what they had seen at Endymion (a TOTALLY different type of experience) and around the hotel on Canal Street (tourists) they were very leery.

But they came! Despite being at the Superdome long into the night, they managed to get out of the hotel and over to Uptown. They had a bumpy morning — accented by a bird pooping on my Mom while she walked to our house and then tripping and falling on the sidewalk (no kidding). Even with their exhaustion and morning challenges, they arrived excited and ready to be a part of the kids’ Mardi Gras. And they had a great time! Finally! People believe us!

Matt and Paul juggled while we waited for the parade:
A Whole Foods employee joined them for passing (he was really good!)
Will dressed as Buzz Lightyear!
A Dixieland band passes on a pre-parade float:
My Dad, Kate (dressed as a Bumblebee in Will’s first Halloween costume!), and me in head gear I caught from a Thoth rider:
Buzz and I:
Floats as seen from our street:
Granna and Bumblebee Kate:
Buzz and his favorite throw… a plastic toy shark with “ETHAN” written in marker on the bottom. He LOVES it.
PapPap and Kate (who takes parades VERY seriously and watches with great attention!)
Matt photographs a coming float:
Buzz and Paul wave to attract riders attention:
Happy Mardi Gras!