Carnival Week 2007: Friday evening

After our thrilling morning, Paul and Matt crashed… hard. They both had been working insane hours (Paul had been pulling 10-12 hour work days 6-7 days a week for over a month — I know Matt has been doing the same) and it caught up with them. Paul got quite bad in later in the afternoon, so bad that we considered presenting at the local hospital (neither of us have family doctors since the insurance change). He’s since compared it to when he was hospitalized in 2003 under suspicion of having malaria — it makes me wonder if I should be bringing him in for a blood draw just to give the infectious disease folk something fun to look into! Public health geeking aside, he was pretty sick. After some fluids, he was much better, but not up for parades.

So, Matt, Laura and I took the kids to Napoleon. It was cold, we missed Hermes (one of my favorite parades due to the beautiful floats) and only stayed for D’Etat. Although we befriended a group and had some interesting conversations, we never really got into a good grove for catching throws and had a hard time finding a solid spot to stand. But it was still fun!