Nana’s Sweater

Paul’s Mom knitted this beautiful sweater for Kate — how amazing is that?! I’ve been terrified of using it but decided to take advantage of the cooler temps, the beautiful afternoon, and the fact that it is one of the last Thursdays I’ll have with Kate before she joins her brother at school 5 days a week.
After encouragement from Matt and others, I’ve started shooting in RAW format and am playing with photo processing software. If I were in Peru, I’d go to “the guy” for Photoshop… but since I’m not, it’s free Adobe Lightroom for now. Not that I know what I’m doing with either of them.
Matt told us he’d bring his monitor calibration tools and adjust the monitor to true color, so I may start printing without processing edits. I’m very excited about this new side to photography and hope to soak all I can from Matt while he and awesome wife Laura visit during Mardi Gras!