It’s the Great Pumpkin!

The Abeona Toddler and Preschoolers took their first field trip today, walking the 9 blocks to St. Andrew’s for the Annual Pumpkin Patch. The kids searched for pumpkins, ate snacks in the ‘patch, had storytime in a hay-filled story spot (complete with black owls and scarecrows), and played ring-around-the-rosey. It was really fun… and exausting.
I had a great time photographing the event. Lots of fantastic photos of the motley crew as the wound their way — chain rope, wagons, and strollers — down Oak Street. We sang “Who are the People in Your Neighborhood” and waved to all the shopkeepers, musicians, and random folks on the street. Virtually all of the photos from the trip feature kids other than my own, so I am not posting them here, but believe me when I say that they are fantastic.
Will picked out a pumpkin to paint in class later this week. The way home from the ‘patch was hard for The Little Man. He pushed another child out of the wagon they were playing on (not acceptable) and got very upset when we explained that it was not appropriate behavior. (He was pretty tired.) The whole event consituted a reason to cry the entire walk back. One of his teachers called this “tenacious.” I thought the situation called for other choice words, but she’s the professional. Have I mentioned that we do not pay them enough??