Toot Toot Chugga Chugga

That’s right… the Big Red Car pulled into Mobile today — and Granna, PapPap, and Will went down to the Civic Arena to meet them!Will was pretty overwhelmed, but, as my parents have reported, got into it more once Granna scored some gear. (Pirate hat, feather sword, light-up rod for the good-night songs, ball cap, and t-shirt! Whoa, thanks, Granna!)

My folks said they had a great time with Will. They also came back filled with important information. One detail about a kids concert in a big Arena is that kids make A Lot of Noise. The only time the drone of chatter changes is when a really popular song starts, when it gets louder. (Note to parents: take headache medicine.)
Fans bring huge posters to the concerts and each are read and admired by the Wiggles. These posters include love notes from mothers to their favorite Wiggle. Not to disappoint, Anthony, Jeff, Murray, and Greg spend a lot of time in the audience, where they are groped by adult women.They also spend a lot of time being incredible nice, thanking kids for the presents they bring for Dorothy (roses) and Wags (doggie bones). (Note to parents: bring your kids gifts if you want them to be able to approach the stage or get a photo-op with Dorothy.)

I also learned that my favorite Wiggle dancer, who we call “That Crazy Guy,” was there! I wonder if I brought a fan poster for “Crazy Guy,” if they would know who it’s for? Will has not taken his pirate hat off, or removed his feather sword from his hand, since the concert. He is currently sleeping with both.