Milk makers

Ever the sensitive and helpful boy, Will is intently interested in how Kate eats. From time to time, he approaches her, lifts his shirt, and announces that he wants to feed Baby Kate. I’ve tried to explain that only Mommy makes milk for Baby Kate. Will simply shows me his chest and says, “No, Mommy, I have bubbies too.” Touche.

I was steaming my pumping supplies yesterday in the kitchen, where Will was entertaining himself by “helping” with these chores. Suddenly, he disappeared. After five minutes of silence, I walked to the front room to investigate.

Will was sitting in my chair, with a breast shield properly connected to tubing, which was properly connected to the breast pump. (Impressive, considering it has taken me a few tries on some occassions to get all the contraptions in order.) The pump was turned on low, humming away. Will was holding the breast shield to his stomache, freezing his face in concentration to show he is working on a Very Important Task.

“What are you doing, Will?” I asked.

“I pumping MILK!” He said. And added, “I pumping MILK from my BUBBY.”

Now that is a helpful guy.