Paul put in the third and last part of the built-in shelving unit he’s building in the study. He’d have to take out the top of the door frame to put shelves in higher, so at this point, we’re stopping. (It’s already a good 8-9 feet high.) Maybe we’ll decide to do something similar to what he did over the hall shower sometime in the future. For now, the top will be open.

Getting the shelf up on the second unit was no small job — Paul did it basically by himself with me only helping to hoist it up and then spotting. He had to lift it over the door frame to the ceiling (12 feet up) and then down to the shelves. Because the walls aren’t square (the house is 100 years old…) this took some work to both move them in place and make sure they didn’t come crashing down. Now all the finish work begins… re-inforcing them to hold the heavy weight of books without bowing over time, putting on the trim, and painting, painting, painting. Eventually, we’ll put doors on the bottom and top units. I am very excited about having shelves and finally getting to organize our work materials… we’ve been working in messy spaces for so long! See Paul’s blog for pictures!