Domestic Goddess

– While there is always laundry to do, it is not piled up.
– Sheets are cleaned regularly.
– The kitchen junk drawer is organized.
– The refridgerator is regularly purged and the shelves cleaned.
– This week’s meals have included: French herb quinoa with spicy black beans; Lime-splashed tofu with red curry paste, peas, and yellow tomatoes; zucchini and basil lasagna with red pepper sauce
– Treats have included: crunchy “grasshoppers,” Triple C’s, Triple C’s with peanut butter swirl, and cappuccino parfaits
– Dust does not pile on the furniture for long.
– Clothes were purged and pick-ups arranged on freecycle.
– Our closet is organized.
– I still get in 30 minutes of soaps via TiVo.

I am The Domestic Goddess.

How long can this continue before I develop a drinking problem?