Hi Dr. Dave!

Fun news: David Scanlan, a friend of mine from high school, came by and visited with us yesterday! Dave’s whole family is from New Orleans; his Mom grew up not far from where we live in Uptown. He is here visiting family and stopped in for the afternoon. It was a great visit and fun to catch up. Some tidbits I learned:
— A ton of CHS folks are on myspace and there is a CHS myspace page (!)
— The rapper Ludacris went to CHS (a class behind ours) (!!)

Both kids were up and active during the visit. Paul did a good job playing with Will so Dave and I could talk (Will was very interested in having this visitor all to himself once he discovered that Dave was up for a game of bucket-head.) Hopefully, Dave will be working at Children’s hospital (a few blocks from our house) during November. (He finishes med school at U of Nebraska in the fall.) It would be very cool to have him close by for more fun chats — although next time, we’ll have to go out NOLA-style and talk over music and drinks.

And also some sad news. DJ Gonzales, a fun, exciting, friendly girl we were in theatre with (a few classes behind ours), died in an apparent suicide a few years back. I’ve been looking for information on this — I have a bunch of pictures from Grandma Betty that include DJ and was thinking about sending them to her family if I can find them. Anyone have any leads?