Three Weeks

Kate is three weeks old today. For the most part, we’re doing quite well, considering her days and nights are definitely backward. Nothing can wake this kid once the sun rises.

As for me, I’m okay. My tummy is still fairly sore and a few hours up and about is enough to get it achy. The surrounding area is terribly red, itchy, and weepy from the surgical tape (now gone) but seems to be getting a bit better everyday. Nursing is improving, too! The block nursing has done a tremendous amount in controlling oversupply, it is no where near as bad as it used to be. When calm, Kate generally can handle the forceful letdown in small amounts. (When upset, it just pisses her off.) She is growing so fast that we fear she’ll be out of her three month clothes in the next 2 weeks. She looks amazing for a three week old, but is definitely huge! Will wore his 3 month clothing through his third month, so we’re a bit taken aback by Kate’s growth. At this rate, she’ll be bigger than Will by July. Posted by Picasa