Binky Games

Both of my kids are big time into non-nutritious sucking. Will still sleeps with his “binky” and has regressed a bit in his dependence on it since Kate came on the scene. He is also obsessed with her binkies. Tried as I have to hook her on to Will’s style of binky (the nursing friendly Gerber gentle flex, which I special ordered online), she has decided that Nuks are the one and no other will do. We currently have one Nuk in the house.

Paul made a tactical error last night by allowing Will to get a hold of Kate’s Nuk before bedtime. None of us could find it. When Kate turned into a Rock Star at 4am, she really wanted her Nuk — and I *really* wanted to give it to her. We were still up when Paul woke up around 7:30, when I asked him to go to the store, in his pajamas, and bring home Nuks. Instead, he opted to once again discuss Kate’s binky with Will.

Paul: “Will, do you know where Kate’s binky is?”
Will: (shaking head up and down) “um-hm”
Paul: “Really? Where?”
Will points to my Dad’s dresser in my parents’ room. Paul opens a drawer.
“No, Daddy,” says Will, “THIS drawer.”
Paul opens it up, and sure enough, Will has a hidden stash of Kate’s binkies: two of her size of the Gerber gentle-flex, and the Nuk. Paul, in the mix of surprise, humor, and shock that comes to parents of precocious kids, turns to Will and says, “You little bugger!”
“No, Daddy,” says Will, “I a big boy.”