Sound clips from Will

Will has his doctor’s kit and is examining Paul. Will is very serious about using the otoscope and is looking closely and carefully into Paul’s ear. Paul asks, “Do you see any brains in there?” Will puts down the otoscope, looks Paul seriously in the eye, and very matter-of-factly says, “No.”

Will and I are sitting at the kitchen table about to have lunch. Will suddenly turns to me with his finger as far up his left nostril as it can possibly go. “Gotta big one up there,” he says, “I gonna get it.”

Will is in the pool chair being pushed around the pool by my Dad. I sit down at the shallow end of the pool with my feet in the water. My Dad pushes Will’s chair down to the other end, where Will suddenly turns, looks around the edge of the chair, and calls out to me, “How you doin’ back there?”

Will and I are in the shower as part of his bedtime routine. When we are done and getting ready to squeege off the shower door, Will turns his back to the door and presses his butt cheeks against it, holding for a few seconds. Then he turns to the round twin orbs floating in the steamed glass and says, “Look Mommy, bummy print!”

Paul, Kate, and I got back from my doctor’s appointment during Will’s naptime after being gone all day. Kate and I immediately went upstairs to rest, where we both fell asleep. I woke up with Will, who had just woken up from his nap, patting my belly.
“Mommy see doctor?” he asked me.
“Yes, Will,” I said, “Mommy went to the doctor.”
“Mommy’s belly boo-boo all better?”
“Mommy’s belly boo-boo is a little better, but it is still sick.”
“Aw, Mommy” he says. Then leans down and gives my belly a big kiss.