Promise to my kids

I vowed that I would provide my children with a scrapbook/picturebook of their first year and a baby book of their first years. I’ve kept Will’s babybook (a $12 Target book with pages for things like “popular movies when I was born” and “all about my first birthday party”) and will do my best to continue it. Today, however, I finished the other part of my agreement:

Will’s scrapbook is DONE!!! I’m very excited.

Now for Kate.

I’ve got a similar Target babybook and enlisted my Mom and Paul to help me put her footprints in it back when she was 5 days old. That’s all I’ve done so far (hey, she’s only 11 days old). Parents all say that you never can get as much done for your second kid and I don’t doubt it. But Kate, you heard it here: I’m trying my best! (Time for a 40% off Michael’s coupon so I can buy another baby scrapbook…!)