38 weeks, 5 days

Weight: up two pounds (added meat into my diet to help with mild anemia — apparently it made an impact!)
BP: 100/60
Baby’s heartbeat: happy and reactive
Baby’s position: dropped even lower in the pelvis
Baby’s size: “not a big baby, sized well for delivery”

It’s been a busy two weeks for Vicki (our midwife). All of the other Moms due around the same time as me have had their babies… so I will be the next delivery in Mama’s Cradle. But it’s anyone’s guess how long we all will be waiting! Vicki and I had a nice visit; I really enjoy her. Two of the last few births involved some meconium inhalation. Something like this is my only real delivery worry. I gave Kate strict instructions to not put us through any ordeals. I’ve done the re-hospitalization thing with a newborn and asked her to please not make me do it again!

Paul arrives tomorrow. I’ve been telling her to hold back until he is here, so we’ll see how long she lets him rest before showing up. Mom’s birthday is tomorrow; Paul’s is next Friday… the date of our next prenatal. Let the countdown begin!