Bob the builder and Will the sneak

As I was finishing the last sentences of the post below, the letter to Will regarding his coming sister, I heard my Mother’s voice calling me from upstairs. I quickly finished and went to investigate.

We thought that Will was blistfully resting in deep sleep. Usually when he wakes up, he walks downstairs to find us as a first priority. Sometimes he occupies himself with a book or magazine for a little while. (He has learned that if he stays quiet, he gets to keep his binky. Once he is found to be awake, binky is left in his bed to be used for sleeptime only.) Today, Will woke up and staying very quiet, started to explore.

While I wrote the post about my sweet boy and our excitement for our growing family, Will opened the closed closet in my room, turned on the closet light, moved out some bins of shoes and toiletries, and pulled out the bag containing the present Kate had so thoughtfully bought for new big her brother. My Mother found him at the top of the steps, exclaiming that he had found a “surprise,” a “present.” He asked her very politely, “Scissors, please, Granna!” A quick survey of the situation and she immediately began to call for me.

I found a very happy Will at the top of the stairs. “Mommy!” he said, “Look! Bob the builder! Need scissors, please-por-favor, Mommy.” Kate had chosen her gift well. The Bob the builder Lego set was definitely a hit. It seemed cruel to take it away. He was already in love with the bounty he had pirated. But since Kate wasn’t here to give it to him, we had a problem.

There wasn’t a lot we could do, under the circumstances. We explained that the present was from Baby Kate. “Thank you, Baby Kate” said Will, patting my belly. We called Daddy and opened the present.

Now we are left with the question: does Baby Kate still show up with a present at her homecoming, as planned?