In my “freeze state” waiting for my committee chair to get back from parts beyond, I’ve made some headway in the house. (Note: This is not nesting; I’m much crazier when nesting actually happens.) Acheivements include: getting the area rugs cleaned, securing an estimate for refinishing one of our clawfoot tubs, using Craig’s List to find a friendly local willing to share his table saw, learning how to sew/hem sheers for our front doors, finishing and hanging said curtains on one of the doors, scrubbing the stove to fine detail, finding early b-day presents for Mom and Mom-in-law, and creating a stack of paintings with Will.

Paul, despite working an astounding 17 hours over the weekend to bail out others’ lack of planning, managed to get his study moved into Will’s old room, install recessed lights in the old study (he’s done over 30 in the house now), organize the outbuilding and install the cabinets that we found in the house at closing, install lights to the outbuilding to facilitate working out there in the evenings, discover and start to unearth a lost patio, start a planting bed retention wall, and build a little levee to prevent next door’s runoff from compromising our foundation piers.

Way to go, us!