Please join us in reporting these bastards!

Dear ebay Marketplace,

I urge you to pull these items (7752928490 and 6263342841)and penalize these sellers by restricting them from our forum. I am a resident of New Orleans. Water meter covers are property of the City of New Orleans; they are never personal property for sale. I am a homeowner and our water meter cover was stolen from our front yard, right out of our garden, just a few days ago. It is highly possible that one of the listings above is selling this very cover.

Tourists have taken city property off of our city streets for years to sell illegally. These crimes have increased substantially since Hurricane Katrina as many locals and visitors no longer respect personal property as we struggle to rebuild. With all of the incredible expenses that face New Orleans, it is ridiculous to have the added pressure of forcing the city to replace water meter covers that were stolen; stolen because they offer a profitable sale on ebay.

It is clear in ebay’s policies that stolen property is not welcome in this marketplace. As water meter covers are property belonging to the City of New Orleans — NOT an individual — these items quite clearly constitute a stolen good. What these sellers should do, have they any conscious or good will, is return these items to the City or to the many holes that now stand uncovered.

My husband and I have used ebay for years. We believe in the importance of a community marketplace and take these violations seriously. I look forward to ebay’s response to this message and your quick action.