For the record

Folks have been reminding us to document the nuances and special moments of pregnancy. So here goes:
– I can no longer pull my pajama bottoms up over my belly. It’s too big.
– After several nights of asking, Paul finally cut my very long toe-nails for me last night because there is no way I can comfortably reach my feet for such a precision job.
– All of the muscles in my lower back/hips (read: butt) ache at the end of the day from the strain of the weight on my front. There have been a few days over the past week when I’ve begged and pleaded with Paul to rub my butt so that I could walk without limping. Believe me, it is in no way a suggestive comment. It’s a necessity for movement!
– I cannot reach cups or plates that aren’t in the very front of our upper cabinets. My belly holds me too far away from the counter to get close enough to reach inside.
– A few times a day I stop people to watch the baby put on a show. She jumps around and my belly will literally shift back and forth at an impressive rate (think of the lunchroom scene in ‘Alien’, minus the gross stuff).
– Still, I feel really good! (Except for the head cold/sinus/whatever I have).