*oh, sugar*

The $109/per adult and $54/per kid price that I thought we would be paying Aerocondor for our trip to Cajamarca (to stay free at the spa hotel I won the weekend voucher for) has suddenly turned into a one-way fare. So it’s actually $581.92 for us to fly there and back. Or we could bus it for about $30/person, but it’s 13 hours… with a 2-year old.

So what do we do? Well, it’s obvious what we have to do; it just totally sucks. It would be a fantastic trip, but even without hotel costs, $600 in plane fare for a weekend trip is a little much. Especially because we really do want to see Islas Ballestas and do the boat trip with Will, and that will cost a few hundred bucks in hotel and touring costs.