Christmas 2005

The recap:
– Will and I arrived in Mobile the weekend before to allow Paul “quiet time” at home (aka: unlimited evening hours for using power tools)
– I daytripped to New Orleans on Wednesday, packed up, cleaned out closets, had a great lunch at local favorite Frankie and Johnnie’s with Paul, and the two of us returned to NOLA Wednesday night.
– Thursday was our all day trip to Pensacola for our prenatal visit. (20 weeks, 6 days; total weight gain ~12 pounds; BP 104/58; Baby’s HR: ~150) Ultrasound looked good and it’s a girl!
– Enjoyed wonderful Christmas Eve dinner at Felix’s Fish Camp on Mobile Bay. Skip and Emily arrived late Saturday night.
– We managed to keep Will away from presents (a miracle) until well into the morning. We started presents after a wonderful mid-morning brunch, opened for about an hour or so, took a break for “Will’s” nap, and then opened the last bits in the late afternoon. Will provided assistance with all unwrapping — hence we still are guessing the intended “from” and “to” on many of the gifts. Paul made veggie pot pie for dinner!
– Granna and PapPap gave Will a Geotrax train set. After seeing PapPap’s excitement over it, we now know what to get PapPap for Christmas next year. All of the Boys have taken turns routing the track in different patterns. This has been a necessary task as Will promptly destroys the track after watching the train take a few loops.
– Paul and I enjoyed many generous presents to help us for our upcoming trip. Travel books, novels by Peruvian authors, and financial contributions! We hope that these will help us enjoy some side trips outside of Lima.
– Paul and Skip opened power tools (Paul: framing nail gun, 8′ step ladder, driver set, level; Skip: miter saw, tool belt). Emily and I opened kitchen tools (Emily: knife set; Me: Natucket Basket mugs)
– The cats enjoyed the lack of presents and quickly retook their chosen sleep positions nestled in the skirt around the tree.
– Pictures are below!Will plays Christmas morning.

Christmas brunch!
Christmas morning — before the “unbridled avarice” of opening presents! (Extra points, if, like our family, you’ve seen “A Christmas Story” so many times that you can quote any line in the film and instantly recognize the reference!)
Will “helps” Aunt Emily open up a present.