Good morning!

Daylight savings time sucks for parents. How hard do we parents have to work? Why must everything be difficult for us… daycare, failing schools, ridiculous work week, terrible vacation, worse benefits, no flexibility, and the joke of “family” leave… aren’t these enough? Apparently not, because we are also faced with the pain-in-the-butt task of yanking our kids on and off schedules for Daylight savings.

Did I mention that I’m cranky because my kid woke up an hour early today? At 5:22, we were awoken by a very happy, very awake monkey. Paul, delighted to find that the swimmers worked through the night, brought him to bed with us to see if we could lull him back down to sleep.

So there we were. Nestled in the warm bed, Will tucked between us, smiling to ourselves thinking that it just might work… another 30 minutes of sleep could be ours. And then, slowly, we became aware of a warm wet sensation spreading through the sheets….

“Holly,” it was Paul whose brain first put it together, “we have a leak.”

And we did. I stripped the bed (hooray — it didn’t get through the liner) as Paul washed Will down and put on another swimmer and pjs. (We had to save his real diaper for school.) The rest of the morning went fine, other than the fact that we all (Will included) are now exhausted from the early morning wake-up.