Chef du jour

Paul loves Alton Brown, the popular Food Network chef who explains cooking through science (heat + food = cooking). Let me be clear. He. Loves. Alton. Brown.

Usually immune to the obsession of any chef not currently working in my kitchen, my heart has taken a turn in favor of Luis.

Luis is part of Noggin TV’s Hispanic Heritage Month. (Noggin is preschool programming on my parent’s cable system — we’ve just found it in the past month.) Little Luis, who tells us he’s from Guatemala and lives in Australia, enthusiastically whips up fun recipes for his friends — and sometimes does it all made to order outside for his classmates! The best part: his side comments. While greasing a baking dish for his Guatemalan Cheesecake, he stated very-matter-of-factly, “it’s just like fingerpainting with butter” and then proceeded to write his name in butter on the bottom of the pan. Why didn’t Julia Child ever think of that?

Watch out, Alton! Make room for Luis!