Based on the information we’re pulling together, we are quite confident that our home has not flooded. That said, we’ve heard that the Whole Foods store, one block up from our house, lost its roof in the storm. There are rumors that this store has been looted — but these are not confirmed. If looting rumors are true, this is very scary — our street is the most direct route between the back of Whole Foods (ie: where the grocery carts are located) and Winn-Dixie, which is in a shopping center along the Mississippi River about 4 blocks down from our house. So, following logic… we are concerned that looters, squatters, and others without the best intentions may be helping themselves to our beloved home.

We are sad, frustrated, and conflicted. What’s the bigger crime, a hundred plus years of institutionalized racism or looting of the few safe places left in the city? It is difficult to think about what may be happening to our home, but within the context that those who may be invading it are the ones who were offered no recourse to leave, whose homes are the most affected by the storm, and who ultimately stand the most to loose. What a tremendous challenge.