Confirmed and questions

— Our home is not flooded.
— Whole Foods (the store a half of a block up from us on Magazine) lost it’s roof.
— Whole Foods “was stripped of all it’s inventory” — we take this as looted.
— Our immediate and closest neighbors evacuated and none were left in the city.

— Any wind or storm damage to our house or others on our street. (ie: do we have a roof?)
— The status of looting on our street.
— Whereabouts of many of my friends at Tulane — Alex, Leigh Anne, Hongyun, and others.
— When residents of Orleans Parish are able to visit their homes to collect belongings and assess damage (other Parishes are announcing these dates/times).
— Whereabouts of Margarita and her family.
— Whereabouts of many friends.

— Strong but deteriorating. It is getting harder to hold back tears. Reality is setting in and we are a bit winded. It is not an issue of “stuff”. We are facing the loss of our community. We love our neighborhood, our neighbors, our home, our careers, and the quality of all of those things in our lives. The past year has been more rich for us that any other and we have relished it.
— We are well aware of how blessed we are. It is difficult to deal with this blessing while considering how we are going to deal with the destruction of our lives and begin to rebuild. We have really built a wonderful life over the past year and we are dealing with its loss.