With heavy hearts, we are bracing for the storm. We think we will be safe here — it’s high ground, and as far west and north we can be and still be in Mobile County. It will definitely be a rough 24 hours and we are expecting power outtages, no water, and are preparing accordingly.

Personally, I am no longer able to stomache the weather news — although I admit the science and mystery of the power of nature periodically draws me back. The thoughts in my head are consuming and sad. There are so many little things that I wish I would have grabbed… two paintings by Paul’s grandmother (we took one, but reasoned the others would be protected.) Two figurines by my grandmother. A few pieces of silver that were Paul’s great-grandmothers. I don’t know how I will forgive myself if those things are lost. Granted, I am so happy that I managed to pack up other things (Paul’s first anniversary present to me, our wedding pictures, some family pictures and two paintings, a porcelain shoe that was my great-grandmother’s.) The things I took were out and about in the house — I was worried that wind coming in a broken window would damage them. Other things I took down from walls and put in drawers or closets. I thought even if we lost part of the roof, I would still be coming back to something and these things would be protected. Now, I am not so sure.

And more than my personal concerns, I cannot stop thinking about the thousands that cannot leave the city. We were shocked that the Major issued a mandatory evacuation. It’s well known in New Orleans that the city would not (we thought ever) issue this type of evacuation — simply because it did not have the infrastructure to help aid in getting out the people who have no means of leaving. It is speculated that the Superdome, now a huge shelter, may not hold up to the winds that will threaten it in a few hours. The possible reality is too terrible for me to seriously consider in this moment.

I thank those who have sent kind words and hope that they will continue. Chances are, we may need to rely heavily on those around us very soon.