Update from Mobile

It’s 9:47 — the rain is just starting to pick up, but is still not unusual. No lightening, no thunder. Little to no wind. It is very, very humid out — otherwise, it is actually pleasant. About an hour ago I went out and brought in the front door welcome mat… and almost wanted to go for a walk because it was such a nice evening (I actually like humid nights.)

Of course, we aren’t expecting this to last. Current news is that Katrina has actually shifted a bit to the east — a bit better for NOLA, but puts us a little more in the danger zone. We’ve got the hurricane lamps, candles, hand-held battery-run tv/radio, flashlights, and batteries gathered. We’ll fill up bathtubs. The news and weather is on constantly… I am going to try to get Paul to play a game of Scrabble with me. Will and I played fuzz-ball, pinball, and golf all evening. He seems blissfully unaware of any danger, so we must be doing a good job of sending out positive messages.

Some comic relief. Discussing the potential challenges in front of us, I said, “Jeez, with this, we’ll have gone through just about everything challenge a marriage can face, short of one of us dying.” Without missing a beat, Paul said, “You mean you’re having an affair?!” He always knows how to make me laugh.

We will post as we can.