The Wiggles Live, Part II

We thought we had missed a major bullet when Granna and PapPap called this morning and were *thrilled* at the prospect of taking Will to see The Wiggles.

Our response, in the words of Napoleon Dynamite: “YESSSSSSS!”

Imagine our disappointment when we discovered that, actually, they may need to be out of town. What a TOTAL bummer. Back to square one.

Our question: Will is 20-months old. We’ll be in the $15-20 stadium seats… not the $80-100 floor seats. (That’s right… $80-100, per seat, to see four grown men dressed like crayolas singing about ‘hot potato’ and ‘cold spaghetti’.)

From that far back, is Will going to be able to see them, or have his attention held by them? Is it worth $60 bucks (plus the obligatory $10 Dorothy tail or t-shirt) to take him?