The Trench, Part III

Here is the status of our side yard yesterday afternoon. (Our house is to the left; the new house being built by our future neighbors is to the right.) The pipe to the left (with the spouts connected to it) leads to the storm drain on the street. As you can see, we are also connected to it. The workmen hooked us up with the storm drain so that we, too, have a direct line. It was very nice of them and we are quite thankful. (Paul brought out cold water bottles and spent time chatting with them over the past few days; I made cookies.) Hooking us up to the storm drain is seriously helping us with potential draining problems in part caused by the construction next door, so we are happy.

The pipe to the right is a *sewer* pipe. It probably should have gone underneath the storm drain, since it needs some slope for obvious reasons. As the picture shows, once covered, it will sit only a few inches from the surface of the ground. (Watch out, landscapers!) This sewer line is for a toilet in the “cabana building” built on the back of the property, by the pool. That toilet sits on a slab of concrete, so there isn’t a lot of room for this pipe to be properly graded. And since it’s so long, it could take awhile for any problems to show up (we’re assuming some clean outs will be installed along the way.) Let’s hope it’s enough! Posted by Hello