Drainage and Sewage, Part II

The second part of what will be a many part project… repairing all our drainage and sewage issues! We are having problems with pooled water running through our front garden. Our friendly neighbor wasn’t sure about hooking up to our underground line that connects directly to the storm drain so we put in a drain vent that hooks into the pipe. (Paul dug up the ground, installed the pipe, connected it to the storm drain, and installed the vent — which is what you can see in the lower left corner of the picture.) He had to move the gravel from the great gravel and stone paver path he made along the side of the house last year (you can see part of it if you look far into the picture). When we moved in, it was old brick with slippery algae growing. Paul dug up the bricks, power washed them, and used them to make the new front steps last fall. We have to wait now for rain to see how it works before putting it back together again. So much for the hurricane! We haven’t had a drop of rain.Posted by Hello