A Man of Many Hats

Will has fallen for hats. Taking advantage of last week’s spring break, we (Mom and I) took him to the Babies-R-Us store to check out potential dressy outfits and find him a hat. We were checking out denim ball caps and khaki mop-hats and didn’t notice that Will had already chosen his own and was having a ball with it. His choice: the “Pooh” hat — a denim cap with half of Pooh’s face from the nose up on the front and Pooh’s ears sticking out on either side of the top.

He had to have it.

I spent the better part of a half hour following Will around with his hat. His favorite style? Pulled down in front of his eyes, so that he can’t see anything. To Will, wearing the hat this way makes running at top speed more fun… who knows what you’ll bump into?!? And just you try to pull that cap up above his eyes! That pout face comes out and those little blue eyes glare. He KNOWS how he wants to wear his hat, thank-you-very-much.

So. The good news: we got Will wearing a hat so he’ll have more protection from the sun. The bad news: pedestrians and shoppers, beware!!