15 Month Wellness Update

Weight: 21.1 pounds
Height: Unknown… could not assess in the office (I’ll do it myself, later.)
Head Circumference: 25th percentile (perfectly steady and consistent since day one)
Immunizations: Hib, Varicella (Chicken Pox)
Cutting molars?: “Oh, yes!”
Development: “Excellent.”
Parents: “You’re doing great.”

Need to start: Daily applications of sunscreen; daily teeth cleaning with orajel

Tricks (how I’m now and forever taking control of Will’s doctor visits):
– No more weighing Will on their scale, ever. I step on the scale with and without him and compare numbers. No exceptions. I thought the nurse was going to call the doctor-police when I did this, but she survived.
– No more measuring Will on their scale, ever. I will bring a tape measure, make marks on the paper, and measure them myself. No exceptions.

I will NOT needlessly traumatize my child with ridiculous procedure and protocol. Mom is taking control!