Christmas #1 in Review

Cool stuff:

– Learning that Will LOVES to be carried around in Uncle Skip’s arms

– Watching Will play with Skip and Emily

– Playing “Settlers of Catan” with Skip and Emily

– PapPap playing “pillow fight” with Will

– Granna playing “gonna getcha” with Will

– Granna opening presents for Will

– Great food (including my veggie chilli and famous triple C’s!)

Cool presents included:

– Paul’s super-cool Bose headphones (to help him work in relative quiet)

– Granna’s egg poucher (we all learned about this!) and favorite robe

– PapPap’s cordless drill, golf shoes, and practice net

– Lots of toys!! Including Pop-on block set, peek-a-blocks, “press and go” plane, wacky saucer, remote control duck, plush bowling set, animal musical instrument set

– My goregous Mingon Faget earring/necklace set (famous local jewelry designer)

– Multi-meter and stud finder for Skip (domestic Boy!)

– Teacher stickers and huge tote for Professional Educator Emily