Thank you to the people who made comments.  I like when people respond to the things that I write on a computer.


This is about the cool things I did in Petra.  Like, I got to hike up a mountain in Petra.


I hiked very long distances because I could see a lot of things.  Like I saw carvings in mountain walls.  They were small and big and were reddish.  They were carved more than 1000 years ago and they did it for their religion.



They stacked rocks for god.  I stacked rocks, too, because I believe in god.



I rode a donkey and mule & in a horse carriage.

When I rode the donkey up a steep mountain I felt so scared.  Because it was like it was going straight up.

I got to go into a tomb where 14 people were buried.  In the tomb it was creepy.  I felt like a zombie was going to grab my leg and pull me under the ground.



It was scary to walk in the Siq because I felt like the walls will fall.  The Siq is where two mountains used to be attached together and something happened where they split apart.  Just some of the parts are really close together.  There are also water tunnels that would carry water into the city.



Petra is very rocky and sandy.  But it is also very beautiful.