cars 2 museum whoops! just a joke (will age 8 )

Today we went to a car museum.  First we called a taxi who we met the day before & his name is Maher. Maher knew right were my mom works, so, we dropped mom of at work. Then we drove to the car museum. When we got there it was closed so we ran on a stage outside to the Southeast.  Then we looked at a air plane that was also outside. In front of the entrance there was a toyota truck with no outside cover.  It had just wheels, engine, steering wheel, foot pedals and no bottom thing to protect the tanks.  Also, there was a car split down the middle. We paid 5 jd wich is $6.50 for 1 adult & 2 kids.

We saw cars & motorcycles. They are owned by the king of jordan. My favorite thing was the armored tank from WWII because it was cool.


This is the sign of the Royal Car Museum and under it is a car with no surroundings.



These are motorcycles from World War II.



That car is a car that the King of Jordan drove in for festivals.




This is the tank that was my favorite car.



This is another medical motorcycle for WWII.



These are very fancy sports cars.




This car is one of the fastest cars on the earth, I think.



This is a car where you open the door up.



This car can go on land and water.  It has propellers on the bottom.