Bringing it back from the dead

The hiatus has lasted almost exactly one year.  The 366 days of silence come back?  A bit longer than Lazarus, but perhaps not in vain — for my son, the first born, the-one-who-was-8-months-old-when-this-blog-was-started-and-is-now-8-years-old, The Little Man* (*TLM) himself is entering the blogging world.

The story goes like this: we’re in Amman, Jordan for a few weeks for work and Will is blogging as part of his school work during the trip.  I’ll tag (WillsBlog, Jordan) and categorize (Will’s Blog) his posts accordingly.  Further, I will boost my attempts to get the blog redesigned, updated, and restored to a long-lost former glory.   Arshook and Shukram!