Dr. and Mr.

Before the Senate ridiculously tabled the vote on the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minor (DREAM) Act, I contacted my Senator to ask if she would please support it.

In filling out the form, I went to chose my “title” and found that I could chose either Dr., or, Dr. and Mrs.

Is this because the only women who get doctoral degrees are married to other women?

Do male doctorates never, ever consider partnering with others in doctoral degree programs?

Or is it because the women who marry men with doctoral degrees always take their husbands’ last names?

Or it is simply so emasculating for a man to be married to a woman with a doctoral degree that it just isn’t right even to consider the rules of how that particular title would play out?

Is Dr. another choice men get for a title, where women can either be Mrs. (“look bitches, I married a doctor!”), Miss. (“under 18”), or Ms. (“old maid”).

Just wondering.