At the Bangle Shop

The ultimate purpose of our bazaar trip was to visit the bangle shop… this preferred shop (my friends like this owner) was one of dozens along this particular section of market.

Bangles are first made — as below:

The jewels are added later.  They can be sized — made larger or smaller — with heat applied through skilled hands.  More on that below.

But first, the shop: a narrow strip with walls covered in bangles of all kinds.  You sit on a row of benches while shop attendants put on a show of their wares.   People come in and out.  There is much negotiation, much discussion, much trying on and taking off…

Here is an artist shaping these bangles for Kate’s small wrist.

We tried on MANY bangles!  (Hint: lots of options for Mardi Gras and Saints-wear!)

After we chose what we wanted, the bargaining began.  It was like watching an opera — the banter was musical, dramatic, and intense!  But all in good humor and very respectful.  After deciding on a price, paying, and having wares packed up — we were guests in the shop, and accepted a cold drink (cola), and photographs.

… and viewing of the “Top Shelf” variety of bangles!

I have the information for the shop owner, should someone want to talk about wholesale…!!!!