Just Posts for a Just World, August 2010

Here are the Just Posts for a Just World, August 2010:

  • wreke of Wrekehavoc.com with homeless
  • subWOW of Absence of Alternatives with Lost in Translation
  • Stacie of If you want kin… with Using and Abusing
  • Rebekka of rebekkaguðleifsdóttir with Excess
  • prof susurro of Like a Whisper with On this Historic Day and Dr. Laura: Free Speech Hero
  • Paul of Give a Damn about Poverty? with Responsibility and Pakistan Flood Emergency – Why??
  • Painted Maypole with Hatred and Fear as American Values?
  • Oh, the Joys with The Worst are Full of Passionate Intensity
  • Mary of The Eleventh with Let Freedom Ring
  • Magpie of Magpie Musing with Cranky About Chase Again
  • Leslie of Love Street with Health Care as Human Right
  • L.A. to N.O.LA with If God is Willing and da Creek Don’t Rise
  • laloca of baggage carousel 4 with a letter from the department of defense
  • Kismet of Nuñez Daughter with The Internet of Things Ate My Activism
  • Kat of This could get ugly with Just Being Honest
  • julochka of moments of perfect clarity with in which she ponders the waning years of the american empire
  • Erika of Be gay about it. with No cause to celebrate. and Talking back to talking smack.
  • Emily of Emily Rosenbaum with Really?
  • Em of Social Justice Soapbox with The OnEarth Weekend Away, The future is in safe hands and Election Rant 2010
  • alejna of collecting tokens with stemming the flood of apathy
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      Alejna and I administer the Just Posts each month, collecting posts by regular folks on issues related to social welfare, human rights, and other globally-focused, people-oriented topics.  Anyone can participate by writing and nominating relevant pieces.  Thank you for your support and contributions to the Just Posts!