Are Boys of Summer Sleepy?

Is it normal for a 6-year old boy to just be, I don’t know… off?  For like, weeks?

Will, the boy who has never in recorded history sat with both bum cheeks touching the same chair at the same time, is worn out.  At least, we think.  This conversation about Will’s health has been going on since late May.  Granted, he WAS sick, for sure, about two weeks ago.  Lost his voice.  Had a fever.  Stayed home for two very inconvenient days, where he was oddly sweet and slept a lot.  He didn’t even whine, which made me wonder whether last rites were necessary.  No whining?  Let’s be clear: I didn’t take him to the doctor because he had a fever and mysteriously lost his voice.  No whining and I’m searching for a pulse.

So he’s been hot, it seems, quite a lot.  And tired.  But I figure it’s summer and he is probably dehydrated all the time.  And he’s at Summer Camp at the JCC, which involves swimming, sports, field trips, and daily 10K fun runs where they carry 40 pound backpacks.  This is our best guess, because when we pick him up, he is so tired he sometimes falls asleep during the 1/2 mile back home.  So, then, maybe it’s normal for him to seem tired and be warm?

But wait.  Last Sunday, Will slept until after 8am.  AND, took a 3-hour nap.  No exaggeration.

I know, I’m looking up and waiting for the sky to start falling, too.

Now I’ve got you worried.

I’ve taken him the doctor twice.  Once for the virus where he lost his voice (which almost happened again last weekend, actually) and then again because he had ear pain (swimmer’s ear).  Today, he has had fluid pouring out of his head all day.  Like when you use a neti pot, except it’s out of his ear.  All day.  Does it hurt?  No.  But then again, this is the kid whose eardrum exploded in a dramatic wash of colors and textures and he was all, “eh.”

So is this normal summertime for grade school kids?  What is up with my kid?