Jazz Fest 2010, First Sunday

People wonder if they should bring their kids to Jazz Fest.

You should bring them one day.  This is why.  You relieve yourself of any possible guilt when you bring them to see the Imagination Movers; you, yourself, get to party down to the Movers without feeling like that creepy adult dancing among strange children; and most importantly… you enjoy every Fest Day following so much more so, because you’ll be free!

This guy below said it best.  “Jazz Fest with kids sucks.”

Also, we owe this Mover guy thanks for hooking Paul up with a backstage access pass to Allman Brothers.  Thanks!

Here is my volunteer location of choice, and where we spent a lot of the day with the kids.  A bonus: it’s right across from the kids area and within a great spot to hear music from Fais Do Do and Gentilly.

Our kids day had me in the kids area quite a bit.  Nice shade.  Plus, this dixieland band was pretty darn good.  And the guy dancing?  He was really giving his all.   It reminded me of the Designing Women segment where Julia Sugarbaker discusses “crazy people” in the South.  The kids loved him.

Here’s the view at Gentilly.

One of the activities in the kids area.

Will and friends had a great time.

And tomorrow?  The kids are in school and we’re at the Fest.  Freedom!