VOTE HERE! Just Posts for a Just World : Best of 2009

It’s here!

Alejna and I are proud to share with you, the FINAL SELECTIONS for the JUST POSTS : BEST OF 2009!

Writing that was so very exciting that I had to supress the urge to animate the text with flashing rainbows and dancing bears… let’s break out the iced coffee and Jameson, y’all!  WHOO-HOO!

Please vote! And spread the word to others to vote, contribute, nominate, write, and read!  And most importantly — Thank you thank you thank you for your interest, support, and involvement in the Just Posts!


Right here, in THIS POST, you can vote for your favorite finalist by category.  You can also write in a favorite overall post.  Fancy!

  • Vote within as many categories as you like, but please vote only once in each category.
  • There’s no need to vote in all categories at once–come back as often as you like before voting ends.
  • We’ll have the polls up and open for one week.

At the end of Monday night, March 22nd, we will close the poll and start to tally the results. The top votes in each category will receive a hand-made tile from a New Orleans artisan with a few trinkets thrown in for good measure. Using your votes and any additional written input, we will recognize a post (or two, we’re not ruling out ties) as the Best of the Best Just Posts. We’ll do something extra special for this.

Just scroll on down and start voting if you’re ready!

For those that are interested, here is a run down of our imperfect process:

Using your comments and ratings we narrowed down the long list of finalists. From there, we created categories that reflected all of those 130+ posts. Then we went back to the comments and ratings and narrowed down the categories (our goal was 3 in each category; note some have 4). We made great efforts to represent a variety of voices, writers and experiences.  In no way is this list or these categories representative of the broad theme of “Social Justice.” It represents what we’ve been able to gather, write and have nominated.

Based on those finalists, we narrowed down to 4 broad categories, with topics under each:

  • POLITICAL/LEGAL: Gender Equity, Sexuality, Race
  • HEALTH/WELLNESS: Food and Nutrition, Disease and Illness, Child Welfare
  • SOCIO-ECONOMIC INEQUALITIES: Vulnerable populations, Education, Social/Societal Values
  • ADVOCACY/SERVICE: Service and Action, Information and Advocacy

(Plus a HUMOR category as the lagniappe!)

Now all that is left is the VOTING!  Did I mention that we hope you’ll vote?  And spread the word?

Thank you again for your support of the Just Posts!